You feel a bit lost among the DIN, ISO, watts RMS and the options proposed by the different models of car radios? Check out the criteria to consider before buying:


DIN is the standard size car radios or 178 x 54 mm. If your car has a 1-DIN slot can only accommodate a conventional radio. Conversely, a 2 DIN slot allows the integration of the dashboard of the larger models. They boast features: DVD player, GPS, 3G Internet … However, some players have a 1 DIN extension enabling them to offer the same functions as 2 DIN. View pioneer avh-x2600bt reviews, the best 2-DIN.


My Favorite Headphone – DT 770 PRO: SIMPLY FANTASTIC

As a professional engineer, I spend most of my time working on pro tools and audio track. Listening, mixing, compiling, editing are the things I do every day, and I prefer to work at home. Headphones currently help me a lot, even more efficient than monitors, which means having a good set of headphones is very important to me. Headphones themselves are simply more practical: handy, mobile and small.

I have a lot of headphones at home, and I ‘was’ satisfied with them. Well, that is before I discover the DT 770 Pro. The big studio I work at, has recently switched from the old Senheiser HD 280 Pro to the new babies, Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250 ohm version). After a couple times trying them, I am officially blowing away and decide to get myself just a pair. Here is only my overall thoughts about it, if you want a more detailed review, check out this url, where I have made a full version of everything about this wonderful product.

The tonal quality, subtle differential attributes, fundamental sound are totally different from what I get when using other headphones. And with no doubt, they make it easier for me in my job, like a tremendous difference in pro voice over work. Bottom line, the best studio headphones I have ever had until now.


The Most Famous Songs Of Guns and Roses

Guns N ‘Roses is one of the most famous rock band in the world, with 90 million copies have been sold since its inception mid-1980s to the present. Guns N ‘Roses consists of 5 members that the founder Axl Rose, along with Traci Guns in 1985 from the city of Los Angeles. Axl Rose was a member of two bands Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns, and that the new band, Axl Rose was the name of two bands grafted into Guns N ‘Roses.

Many people believe that the new name of the member states has put the two together to music. In 1985, while discussing the establishment of a new band, Axl Rose, lead vocalist of the group members wrote the song “Welcome to the Jungle“, welcome you to the forest, this song became the main tracks and put the name of the group to the world. Songs are very intense and performed lively in front of thousands of people in the tour, in the excitement of the audience.

  1. Welcome to the Jungle

That was the song composed in 1986 after the Guns N ‘Roses has established. In 1986, Guns N ‘Roses official debut. Thank to be familiar with two old band, members could easily get the response of admirers from the front. Mr. Tom Zutaut a valued member of the maker of audio Geffen Records, after seeing Guns N ‘Rose demonstration sought to sign a contract. In late 1986 Guns N ‘Roses debut vinyl, CD also rare moment people are still listening to music on cassettes and vinyl records. In 1990, after a few years on tour, Guns N ‘Roses returned to the studio, preparing the record is considered the most important of the group.

Bohemian life and the luxuries of a rock band have turned many members of those with drug and alcohol addictions. Drummer, Steven Adler was the group is no longer floating drumming and replaced. At this stage, Guns N ‘Roses disc collection or Use Your Illusion User hallucinations and topped the Billboard charts. This is also the record of the longest standing group in the ranking of 108 consecutive weeks.

  1. November Rain

This is the most successful songs of the use your illusion discs. Guns N ‘Roses which as well as other famous rock band depend on the sweet guitar solo. Also, this song is the most powerful stimulus for admirers went to see the concert of the rock band. From 1990 to 1993 was the peak period of the band Guns N ‘Roses, constantly touring the United States and the world to introduce a record group uses your illusion make use hallucinations.

Guns N ‘Roses Rock band is annoying a lot in places demonstration, mostly by the recreational drug of music and the number of people who watch overload caused scuffle create or rebellion.

  1. Do Not Cry

That was the song Do Not Cry, very successfully during the world tour of Guns N ‘Roses. From 1990 to 1993, the group performed all 200 show festival with tens of thousands of participants, lasted 28 months and was the longest show performed by Gun N ‘Roses. After touring, the band released The Spaghetti Incident records. But a song is linked to a formidable killer Charles Manson is in prison. Although members requested remove Axl Rose singer but still leave it encountered much criticism and the starting phase band Guns N ‘Roses was condemned and decline. In the disc songs, the Spaghetti Incident human being or much-loved person, according to the Rock and Roll dance is very lively.

  1. Human Being

Spaghetti is a type of Italian bread served with tomato sauce, Americans often tease each other by breaking a plate of spaghetti on others to face a couch tomato sauce scattered, and hence the name of the record is very strange, roughly translated as the Spaghetti Incident.

The name of the song is based on a true story of the group occurred in a restaurant, when Axl Rose singer was heading out by eating all his pasta plate. In this record, the group performed the famous song of the band 1959 The Skyliner, the song titled Since I Do Not Have You Since I Do Not Have Children

  1. Since I Do not Have You

Although the band is often performed songs rock aggressive and very agitated, but the majority of the record was release usually has softer songs and focused on the philosophy of life, such as the post Knock’ing on Heaven Door which express ideas between reality and the world lives afterlife, concerns with their earthly sins, died when they can come to the door of paradise or not.

Studio Monitor: JBL LSR305 Or Yamaha Ns10M ?

Have you ever encountered circumstance when listening to music on headphones with a good timbre but it was a catastrophe when listened on a large tank? That is the difference between the sound system, possibly with many different speakers emit the same song sound, we heard a few differences. And that is one of the essential reasons that many music producers need to purchase studio monitor. On the market today, there are two studio monitor samples are appreciated as JBL LSR305 and Yamaha Ns10M. Let’s evaluate the specs and features of the two samples of this speaker.




Product Name: JBL LSR305 5 Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor

Item model number: LSR305

Manufacturer: JBL

Origin: Made in USA

Warranty 12 months

  • The best JBL LSR305 review point out that with the use of Waveguide sound control technology, JBL LSR305 helps the speaker controls the sound emanated from the speakers by vertically or horizontally exact honestly.
  • JBL LSR305 designed to use a high-technology probe to bring high-performance, woofer and tweeter speaker uses Neodymium technology help it reproduce accurately, honest, strong, dynamic sound, besides, LSR305 use Slip Stream ™ technology is patented, to provide deep bass sound impressive at all playback levels, and LSR305 meet the frequency smoothly. JBL LSR305 full range speaker brings tremendous power with Class D amplifiers use the built-in speakers, powerful amplifiers to provide power and meet programs require strength and the requirements of the most demanding sound that it participated.
  • JBL LSR305 with professional balanced inputs, you can connect via XLR TRS havoc 6mm, give you the option to connect to any signal source while maintaining the output signal.
  • Each JBL full-range speakers LSR305 before ready to sold in the market undergoes star 100 hours of rigorous examination, gives it stability and durability.


A Little Thing About Guns n Roses Band

This is one of the most popular rock band in the world. Music style, innovation in style on stage performances and images as well as the contributions of the group has created a new era for the music industry in general and the ’80s rock genre in particular.

guns n roses band


The band’s members

  • First, let’s talk about Axl Rose singer (his real name is Bill Bailey). He was born on February 6,1962 in the state of Indiana in Lafayette (USA). At 17, he discovered that his father Stephen Bailey is really just his stepfather. He was very angry at this incident and immediately regained his father named Rose. He is well educated and is considered a person with the ability to cope with life’s difficulties.
  • Slash is the one who play the guitar in the band – a person is considered to be very special. His real name is Paul Hudsson, born on July 23,1965 in Stoke-Onirtent (UK). Slash has once commented: “None of us had a really normal childhood”.
  • Izzy Stradlin (real name Jeff Isabelle) is the simultaneous second guitar, the lyricist for the song. He also grew up in the Lafayette area Indiana.
  • Duff is the bass singer of Guns’n’Roses. He was born on May 1, 1964, with the name Michael McKagan.
  • The fifth member is Steven Adler, who can play a lot of instruments. But he has distanced himself from the band because he used too many drugs.


You should learn beginner acoustic guitar with the motivation

When you learn any new skill, then the mistake is perfectly normal, but sometimes you do not even realize I was doing wrong. If you are about to learn the best beginner acoustic guitar, you had a very wise decision may decide this would be one of the biggest choices in my life (I’m not kidding). Ah, but little has come, before you embark on the episode I want you to know that there will be no path without rough, rough.
If you are in this situation and don’t know how embarrassment then congratulations! You are not alone in this world. All the guitarist in the world; whether is the most melancholy spirit; they still will have the scene at an impasse of the guitar. The majority of these cases originated from a major cause, it is not known how to create motivation to set the guitar or do not know how to file effective for guitar. The following are the main causes that lead to you set of guitar. Find out the causes, find ways to overcome them and be sure you will have more motivation when the guitar!

+ The common problem is you cannot determine what to do with guitar. Most of you practice guitar, especially those who study the guitar by himself, do not know exactly what to practice what, in what order and why you have to practice those things? This leads to a result that you are working in accordance with the online tutorial a bluff without knowing where you was going about it. Especially the collective often very rushed, unfinished this discussion turned to other exercise, making the knowledge yet to fully comprehend and practice did not go far.

+ The majority of you self-taught guitar practicing not in a system. And unfortunately is also the majority of you have not realized that, and still exercise trail every day, months, even years. Like when you cook so, to create a delicious dish need sugar, salt and pepper; and other materials. But every material need more or less to that dish is perfect? This depends on what food, and it is only by understanding it thoroughly can bring exactly the look!


The Disadvantages Of The Multi-Effects Guitar Pedals

1. For each containing a multi-effect always exists a pedal (at least) that sounds better. Therefore, do not rule out the use of individual pedals along with the multi-effects, which alleviates the shortcomings of this point. This involves removing some of the advantages of multi-effects (removal of spots on the stage, for example, … in the end, we have more).

2. The digital environment tends to take “organic” character to the guitar.

3. We must decide which amp input to connect the multi-effects pedals. The effects of profit should go to the information and modulation, and repetition should go to the effects loop. With a multi-effects that simply is not possible, and is a serious problem, except some unit there is or has been on the market.


Guns N ‘Roses re-exported in 2016

Fans of legendary rock band have just received good news when Guns N ‘Roses will return confirmation stage next summer.

  1. The Return of Guns N’Roses

News about veteran rock band reunion is transmitted when few days ago, the official website update new information about the activities of the group and at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was play backed in December 18th last year as the band’s hit.

Theoretically, Guns N’Roses never stops working. The band regularly holds many tours, and in 2008, they released their latest album Chinese Democracy. However, in fact in the past two decades, constantly change Guns N’Roses ‘s member and lead singer Axl Rose is the only member engaged from beginning to end “brand name” Guns N ‘Roses.



Slash – The Great Guitarist

After years of living submerged in sex, drugs and guns, legendary guitarist Slash – the former guitarist of the rock band Guns N ‘Roses – now has rehabilitated. He wanted to confess and want to shake the UK back to their tour – began on 7th October. But in time, “confessions”, the Slash does not want to talk about the drug, each death, resurrection, and then the hospital and “jump” straight to the stage. He did not talk about discord intense with Axl Rose – lead singer of Guns N ‘Roses when the band was at the peak of fame. He only talks about his love for soul singer Adele line. “She was great. Adele is a tonic for the industry. Adele is a good example for younger artists. Like Amy Winehouse, she is a true artist. It is great because of the emergence of artists like Adele these days when life is full of fake people“- Slash said.